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Jane Moulding

May I please also suggest that, as well as capitalizing the surnames, one
adds the places you know or believe they came from. This has benefitted me

Jane Moulding
Bucks, UK

Researching: GROIECKI/GROUSE - Kolo (Poland), London, Australia, USA & New
Zealand; ISAACS - New Zealand & London; RAPHAEL - London; RAUF/ROLFE - Kolo
& London; RUBINSTEIN - Neustadt (Lithuania), South Africa & USA; SIMMONS -
London, South Africa, USA & Australia

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When I first started three years ago on Jewishgen my signature just
included my current name and then I created my tagline of family names
that has been getting me great responses.
Want to find more relatives, make a tag line for yourself.

Marlene Kempner Dobrin - Arizona USA
Family names Kempner, PoKempner, PaKempner, Mirvis, Rief, Westerman,
Melman, Zox, Sachs, Krechmer, Litt, Luntz, Meyerson, Marovich, Shanken,
Herzog, Hillman, Fleischman, Segall, Friedman, Dobrin, Schuman, Fuxman
Sender: Bernie & Marlene Dobrin <>
MODERATOR NOTE: The Moderators endorse Jane's posting. Kindly note Postings are
easier to follow with capitalized surnames. Place names, however, should not be

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