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I'd like to know if anyone can decipher the name of a Boston street
from an 1898 passenger manifest.
from the Ellis Island database, the link is as follows. The passengers
are Hate and Libe BOYARSKY. I'd also appreciate any guesses as to the
initials of the person they were going to.

For the record, these ladies were >from Mosty and Tereshki in Grodno,
and were most certainly relatives of my grandmother. There were quite
a few of my grandmother's relatives in Boston by 1900, including my
grandmother, but none appear in the 1900 census. I've tried every
spelling imaginable. Some appear in a 1904 street business directory.

Thanks in advance,

Sue Seales, North Carolina, USA
BOYARSKY/Grodno and Lida, also NYC
FREEDMAN/Siluva, Lithuania, also New Jersey and Bronx, NY
ROSENTHAL/Odessa and Wengrow, Poland
ZELONY,ZELENY/Bershad and Odessa, Ukraine, Paris and Chicago
BLUSTEJN/Zareby Koscielne, Poland
RUDZINSKI (sp?)/Balta

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