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Natalie Blitt <natalieblitt@...>

Dear friends,

I was hoping for help on two documents I posted on Viewmate.

One is a photograph of my grandfather (Viewmate #9969)who was a partisan in NW
Ukraine (originally >from the area around Kowel & Ratne). The photograph appears to
be a studio photograph with the title: In Memory of the City of Lviv -- 1945. I'm
curious why he would have such a photograph. My grandmother told me that they used
these photographs as proof they were in the partisans (in order to ride free on the
trains) but at one point it became too dangerous to have them and they were all
destroyed (apart >from this one). Has anyone else heard of these kind of studio

You can see the picture at:

The second document (Viewmate 9976) is a photocopy of the back of several pictures
from the postwar period in Germany. I believe they are all in Yiddish. Any
translating help would be much appreciated! You can see this picture at:

Thnak you again!

Natalie Blitt

SCHNEIDER, GELLER -- all >from NW Ukraine (specifically
Datyn, Kowel, Ratne area)
HUPPERT, BACHNER, STAPLER >from Chrzanow (Krakow area), Poland

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