JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Judel Goldberg -- Tykocin, Poland #general

Ian Puente


I have a great-great grandfather named Judel/Jhuda Goldberg, who was born
in the Bialystock region (I believe in or around Tykocin, but certainly
either Grodno or Lomza Gubernia) on December 3, 1864. His parents were
Iccko Mejer Goldberg and Chaja Gitla Jaworowska. He had a brother named
Bienio Goldberg born around 1875. He emigrated to Amsterdam where he
married Marie de Boer in 1892. If this matches up with any of you, please
let me know. Additionally, if any of you have thoughts or ideas to share,
I'd appreciate those as well.

Thank You,

Ian Puente
Los Angeles, California

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