Personal name Hanoch or Henoch in Bavarian Schwaben #germany

Jim Bennett

My oldest confirmed ancestor in Ichenhausen, Schwaben was Henoch ben
Baruch Bissinger [1747-1816] >from researching his ancestors for many years
I now believe that Henoch was the great grandson of Rabbi Hanoch/Henoch
Zundel Pfersee, who was a rabbi in Gunzenhausen and Schnatitach, and
himself the descendant of three generations of rabbis in Poland and Germany.
BUT, so far I cannot prove this hypothesis--it's based on circumstantial
evidence, but Lacks certain documentary confirmation.

I need the help of expert genealogists now living in the Schwaben region,
and the help of fellow genealogist who descend >from the families I

My ancestor, Henoch ben Baruch had hundreds of descendants--among them in
every generation oodles of boys named Henoch. By mid-19th century
Many of them used the civil name Heinrich.

If anyone can offer me advice, please write to me.

Jim Bennett, Haifa myrnabennett@...

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