German-related articles in Issue 120 of Genealo-J #germany

Georges Graner

Genealo-J, publication of the Jewish Genealogical Society of France,
Issue 120, Winter 2014 has just been published.

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Georges Bizet is the famous composer of the Carmen Opera. He married
Genevieve Halevy but died very young six years later. Genevieve then
married Emile Straus, a successful lawyer. She is well known in France
under the name of Madame Straus: she was active during the Dreyfus
Affair and is a model for some characters in Proust's works. But who
was Emile Straus? Anne-Marie Fribourg was able to find his parents and
siblings. His father Abraham Straus is supposed to be born ca. 1804 in
Obermoschel, a *** German city *** of the present Land of Rhineland-
Palatinate and he spent some years in London. According to some
documents, he was related to an American Straus family; including
Jesse Isidor Straus, American ambassador to France. Jesse was the
son of a couple deceased in the sinking of the Titanic and the
great-grandson of *** Isaac Straus *** born ca. 1788 in
Niederkirchen, also in Rhineland-Palatinate.

A short paper by Mathilde Tagger deals with the Arieh family, a very
rich Sephardic family of Wien and Bulgaria, who was nicknamed "The
Rothschild of Orient" because of their wealth and generosity. Tagger
discusses the origin of this surname Arieh. It means lion in Hebrew, and
the Jewish name Leon/Lehon and so on is well documented in the
pre-expulsion years in Spain. It shows that the family came >from the
Spanish city of Leon. This seems the likeliest explanation.

Georges Graner (Paris-France)

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