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Jeanne Gold <twig@...>

I had a similar experience, specifically >from a marriage certificate. I
think, though, it was Philly, PA.

What happened had to do with the way the records were filmed. Or rather it
had to do with the way the book was assembled causing the
filming to do that.

In otherwords, imagine opening a book to begin reading and you have two
pages in front of you. The first page isn't the one on the left, but
rather the one on the right. Turn the page and you're looking at pages 2
and 3.

Using the same layout with regard to a certificate requiring two pages,
the front of the 1st certificate would be on page 1, the page on the
right and a blank page on the left.

Turning the page would be the back of the 1st certificate on page 2 and
the front of the next certificate on page 3.

On the first image, you would then have the front of certificate #1 but
on the 2nd image you would have the back of certificate #1 but the front
of certificate #2.

I hope that makes sense.

Looking at the rest of the information you have on the copy sent you,
are there any other discrepencies? If so, you may have a situation like
I'm describing above.

Jeanne Gold
Albany, OR, USA
JewishGen ID: 6106

On Sun, 27 May 2007 15:55:42 GMT Marc DVer <> wrote:
I recently obtained the marriage certificate of my great-grandfather.
He was married in 1903 in Manhattan. On the front of the certificate it
lists one name for the groom, that being Sam, but on the reverse side,
which both the groom and bride sign attesting that the information on
the certificate is true to the best of their knowledge, a Louis signed.

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