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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

One of these men was my ancestor Simon BENSUSSAN. If you read french you will have
the entire copy of this trial in "A travers le Ghetto, Coup d'oeil retrospectif
sur l'Université Israelite de Nice, 1648-1860", Honel Meiss, Ed. Nice historique,
Nice 1923, p. 54-60.

This book is accessible in the Library of Alliance Israelite Universelle. It
is full of interesting informations for people who have ancestors in Nice.
Anne Lifshitz-Krams
CGJ- Paris

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From: "Ann Rabinowitz" <annrab@...>
...five of the most respectable members of the Jewish kehillah were brought before
the Tribunal in Nice. These men were: Sabatai Viterbo, born Venice, Treasurer
of the kehillah; Abraham Joseph Foa, born Turin; Hananen Cohen, aka Salvador a
Nicois; Simon Bensoussan, born Salle, Morocco; and Anziel Vita Maquia, born in the
Nice Ghetto.

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