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Fran Segall <FranSegall@...>

Does anyone know of a way to save the output of a JRI-Poland search in a useable
format other than as a "web page"? I'd like to save it as a WordPerfect document
or, better yet, an Excel spreadsheet, so I can highlight entries, mark them when
ordered, etc.

If I save it as a web page, then open it in WP, the table cells all get squished.
If I produce a text file, the columns get all messed up. Any ideas? Am I missing
something simple?

Manassas, VA

Doing research on:
Galicia, Poland: STRICK (Wielopole)
Galicia, Ukraine: LICHTMANN (Stanislavov/Ivano-Frankovs'k and
Belarus: BROUDA/BREWDA/BREVDA/BREWDI (Amstibove/Mstibovo)
Ukraine: KLETZEL/KLETSEL (Volhynia region)

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