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Sandra Krisch

Dear friends,

Several weeks ago in this forum I described my attempts to help Lipman
Radzik, an 87-year-old survivor, find any living relatives. Many of you
responded, for which I am grateful, but your input did not lead to living
relatives. I sent to the Polish Archives for birth and marriage records for
Lipman's direct ancestors and--to my amazement--find that he and I are
almost certainly related. It is even possible that his grandmother and my
great-grandmother were one and the same person! He was trembling when I
told him of this possibility, as was I.

I have posted two of ten pertinent records to Viewmate. I have had to break
them into sections to meet the size constraints of Viewmate. Ordinarily, I
would ask only for extract of key information. However, in this case, I am
seeking full translations of the documents. One or more of the birth
records is unusually long for a birth record and probably contains
significant information beyond the basic data that one ordinarily expects in
a birth record. There is almost certainly something unusual going on here
as regards the parents of the children born.

If the records correspond to my preliminary hypothesis, I will be able to
send Lipman Radzik a photo of the grandmother that he never knew--and
connect him to living cousins.

I thank any and all of you in advance for whatever help you can provide.
The photos are at
And carry the file numbers VM 10062, 10063, 10064, 10065, 10066.
Please respond privately.

Sandra Krisch
Carefree, AZ

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