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Andrew Blumberg <ajb61@...>

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before but there is a new web
site with descriptions, photos and video of Jewish cemeteries and
synagogues in Poland. The web site is located at

The videos are being uploaded to YouTube and embedded into the pages of
the other web site, which means you can find the collection on YouTube at One of the videos on YouTube was
uploaded four days ago so it looks like they are still adding material.

This group is covering a long list of towns. The list is at Each town has a description
in Polish and some photos. Some of the towns also have a link to an English
translation. The entry for Bielsk Podlaski has an English translation,
photos and video of the cemetery there. The entry for Bransk has a long
description in Polish with several photos but no English translation or

I think many readers will find this site interesting. I wonder if there
might be some way for JewishGen or affiliated groups to cooperate with

I have no connection with the creators of the site.


Andrew Blumberg
New York

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