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Charles Wade wrote: "I am attempting to discover the name (and possible time of
reference) of a chief rabbi named TEDESCO who was involved in a significant
Halachic controversy in the 19th century ......."

Many thanks to Evertjan Hannivoort, Nick Landau and Shlomith Toaff who added
some interesting data to this original query ie:
1 Chief Rabbi Raffael Natan TEDESCO of Trieste: [the 1790's]:
2 Giacomo TEDESCO born Venice ghetto 1799 - died Paris 1870.
3 Abram TEDESCO may have been on the Napoleon Sanhedrin (1806-07) as a
representative of the Adriatic region.
4 The composer CASTELNUOVO TEDESCO etc ....

My contribution is much more personal - by total coincidence, today I am
celebrating the 156th birthday of my gt-grandmother Betty {nee TEDESKO} WOTTITZ
born Pressburg, 23 June 1851, and I am sitting next to her lovely portrait.
Her father Leopold, born 15 March 1818 in Pressburg, was a leader of the Jewish
community in Pressburg, and a founder of the liberal community. You can see his
photograph in Hugo Gold's book on the Jews of Bratislava [same as Pressburg],
with my other gtgt grandfather Emanuel BIACH and other family members who were
eminent in this community. I have a complete TEDESKO family tree after Leopold
and knew/know personally many of the descendants who all moved to Vienna after
1848. Leopold is buried in Vienna in Doblinger Friedhof and so are many TEDESKO
descendants. The trouble is I have never got further back than 1818 as the very
early Pressburg records have been stolen, according to a reliable source.

However, here is an interesting fact. My grandmother's first cousin, Lilly nee
TEDESKO [Pressburg 10 Feb 1885 > Vienna till 1938> died England 25 Jan 1983]
always told me that we were related to the composer CASTELNUOVO TEDESCO. She
knew many early family links and her mind remained clear well into her 90s:

I have no idea if this was hearsay or a known link. Now I am beginning to
wonder whether the Trieste rabbi was originally >from Bohemia or Moravia
[Habsburg territory] via Spain perhaps and could also be a family member?

It is the WOTTITZ family of Pressburg, that I have linked back to Isaac ALFASI
of Fez [1013] just last week. Betty TEDESKO married Gustav WOTTITZ born
Pressburg 1 May 1841 - they are my gt-grandparents. Gustav WOTTITZ's gtgt
grandfather Juda Melamed TRITSCH [born in ? abt 1750 - died Pressburg 1st
Nissan 1825] met Napoleon and pleaded successfully for a Yom Kippur holiday for
Jewish soldiers. This is well-documented in an article I found recently.

These interrelated BIACH TEDESKO TRITSCH WOTTITZ families probably arrived in
Pressburg in the mid-late 1700s >from Bohemia and Moravia, escaping >from the
Familianten Act which restricted marriage to the first-born son. The act was
not recognised in Pressburg, then in Hungary. I know personally some other
Jewish families >from Bohemia who went to Trieste.

Celia Male {U.K.]

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