JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: The Free Genealogy Software PhpGedView #general

Yaacov Slizak <yslizak@...>

I've been using PhpGedView for a while and I am quite satisfied with it. It
offers reasonable levels of privacy protection, allowing to see >from nothing
to full records, depending on your authorization levels. I set my website
( up to allow only family members (username and
password granted) to see information on living people, while the rest of the
visitors can access only the public section, that is dead people only.

A word of caution, though: I don't recommend this a your main genealogical
software tool. This is a tool mainly for web publishing and collaboration,
and as such the information resides on a server which either you administer
yourself or you pay someone else to do it for you. It is *not* your typical
Windows environment, and it requires some knowledge of server administration.

My "modus operandi' is to export my database >from my main software tool to
format, and use it as the basis for my PHPGedView online portal.

Feel free to contact me privately for more information,

Yaacov Slizak
Ennis, Co.Clare,

(Pol) SPOSOB/SPOSEEP - Kurytnycja, Lyuboml (Ukr), Chelm, Dubenka (Pol), USA;
FARBER - Kiyev (Ukr), Argentina; GURFINKEL - Hrubieszow (Pol)
KLEINER/KLEIN - Hrubieszow, Chrzanow, Sieniawa (Pol), UK; PLOJT, PLOIT -
Vladimir Volynskiy, Ozdziutycze, Kovel (Ukr), Argentina; JAEGER, (Eastern

"Sharon Singer" <> wrote

I am interested in this new software -- has anyone on this list tried it
yet? I am of course concerned about privacy issues with the information

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