Community Lists: Augsburg #germany


In 1946 the Central Committee for Liberated Jews sent questionnaires to
Landrats throughout the United States zone in Germany asking a series of
questions, including information on former Jewish residents in their areas.
The quality of the replies, available in the USHMM collection 68.096M, vary
widely, >from responses that simply stated that there were no longer any
resident Jews, to brief summaries of what happened to the former community,
etc. A few also listed former residents and what had happened to them. I
am gradually going through this substantial collection and will identify
those collections that may be of interest to Gersig researchers.

One of the first, with a substantial listing of prewar residents and their
fates is Augsburg. I would be prepared to make copies of the Augsburg pages
if there is anyone prepared to enter the names and relevant information into
a database for Gersig/Jewishgen. If anyone is interested, preferably
someone with a real interest in Augsburg, please contact me.

I will continue to go through the collection and will report on other
significant town collections.

Peter Lande Washington, D.C.

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