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Bernie & Marlene Dobrin <dobrins@...>

I have posted the backside of 5 photographs on ViewMate. The address is I am hoping someone
would be able to interpret the Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian. Please
respond to me privately at I would appreciate any help
for these pictures VM10196, 10197, 10198, 10199 and 10200 and the
pictures that I post in the future.

Thank you to all the people who have helped me before and for the
people responding to my latest entries. My father took great pride in
his photo album and now because of you I have now been introduced to
the people in the pictures.

Marlene Kempner Dobrin - Arizona USA
Family names Kempner, PoKempner, PaKempner, Mirvis, Rief, Westerman,
Melman, Zox, Sachs, Krechmer, Litt, Luntz, Meyerson, Marovich, Shanken,
Herzog, Hillman, Fleischman, Segall, Friedman, Dobrin, Schuman, Fuxman

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