JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen My Computer Crashed!!!! #general

Bernie & Marlene Dobrin <dobrins@...>

My Computer Crashed!!!! Please if you have corresponded with me in the
past and have saved any of our interactions would you be so kind as to
resend all emails starting with April 2007. I, Marlene Kempner Dobrin
dobrins@... was so pleased because I was at the end of my journey
through my father's photos album on viewmate and now I have to try to
recreate >from memory your translations.

Marlene Kempner Dobrin - Arizona USA
Family names Kempner, PoKempner, PaKempner, Mirvis, Rief, Westerman,
Melman, Zox, Sachs, Krechmer, Litt, Luntz, Meyerson, Marovich, Shanken,
Herzog, Hillman, Fleischman, Segall, Friedman, Dobrin, Schuman, Fuxman

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