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Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

On the 4th of July - after a search extending over several years - I finally met
two second paternal cousins (once removed) named WINTER. To protect their identity
I will only refer to them as my Southern California cousins.
My father and their paternal grandfather were first cousins.

Our common ancestor (>from Lodz, Poland) was Isaac KUJAWSKI (born circa 1842). My
paternal grandfather, Szija Wolf KUJAWSKI, was >from Lodz, Poland. After emigrating
to England circa 1895, he went by the name of Simon WOOLF. The paternal grandfather
of my Southern California cousins emigrated to the US in 1920 and settled in
Paterson, New Jersey. After settling in the US he adopted the name WINTER.

My new-found relatives in Southern California have informed me that they had
cousins in Germany named WINTER. Whether they ever visited the US and met their
American counterparts is uncertain, however. I'm now embarking on a search to
locate those German cousins and determine the relationship between them, the
WINTER family in Southern California, and my family.

I was also told there are also relatives in London, England named WINTER but
that is all I know about them at present.

If anyone believes he/she might be related to me in some way or to the
WINTER family in the US, please get in touch. I should mention that I'm aware
there is a German SIG although I haven't yet subscribed.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA
formerly of Birmingham, England

KUJAWSKI, Lodz, Poland, Birmingham, England
WINTER, New Jersey, US/London, England
SUMMERS/SOMER (or variant), Lodz?, Poland/Birmingham, England

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