Who can help solve my JAFFE mystery? #germany

Jim Bennett

Sometime in the mid 18th century Abraham ben ...?... JAFFE migrated
to the town of Rawicz in the then Kingdom of Poland. Around 1710
a son was born, Moses JAFFE. Moses married Hanna and two sons were
born to them around 1750-60, Abraham and Samuel Zanwill JAFFE.
Both these grandsons had large familes. Meanwhile this region was
captured by the Kingdom of Prussia and the town now was named
Rawitsch, part of Posen Province.

JAFFE is an ancient Jewish surname and it goes back to at least
the 15th century in Poland, Italy and Bohemia. There are numerous
Jaffe dynasties, some quite famous.

For some 30 years I have researched my branch in Rawitsch,
all the time trying to link it to the other JAFFE branches
in Europe, but without success.

I think the key would be to find the succession of names like
Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Meir, and Hirsch among other JAFFE
branches elsewhere, maybe in Posen, Prague or Bologna or deep
in Poland. >from one of them young Abraham ventured forth to
Rawicz in the mid 1600's.

So I'm asking for help >from all of you JAFFE researchers:
Do these personal names show up in your trees?

Can any of you help me, please?

Jim Bennett, Haifa myrnabennett@...

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