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Herbert Lazerow

<I researched the existence of vital records of my
SHAPIRO ancestors >from Surazh at the Chernigov archive. For some strange
reason there were no vital records for anyone at all - no birth records, no
death records, no marriage records. Only a few census records. I am
wondering why this could be.>
I think of three possibilities:
1. The town might not have had a court rabbi, so did
not keep its own records. Its records would be in those of a nearby
town where they were kept.
2. The town might have kept records, but they might
have been destroyed, lost, or mis-filed.
3. Surazh, along with Mglin, Novozybkov and
Starodub, lies in the northern part of the old Chernigov
guberniya. In Soviet times, that portion of the old guberniya was
removed >from the Chernigov oblast and attached to another oblast, I
believe Bryansk, and that area today is part of Russia, not
Ukraine. The records for those towns might have been transferred to
the archive of the oblast that would thereafter have jurisdiction
over that territory. I have found no metrical records for any of
those towns on the microfilms of Chernigov archive records.
Herbert Lazerow
Professor and Director, Institute on Int'l and Comparative Law
University of San Diego

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