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A look at the ship manifest itself shows the arrival port "New York"
crossed out and "Boston" added.
Both the historic Boston Globe and New York Times for March 3, 1921
report that one person aboard the Saxonia was found to have lice. The
ship was quarantined at Gallups Island in Boston Harbor and had to be
fumigated and the passengers deloused. It is possible that this
infection caused the ship to be re-routed. to a port where the problem
could be handled more expeditiously than in N.Y.

David Rosen
Boston, MA


What I did find of interest, is showed the ship, The Cunard Saxonia left
London 2/16/1921 bound for Halifax and New York. My grandfather was ticketed
to NY. The ship actually landed in Boston on 3/2/1921 not NY? Any
explanations or suggestions as to why??

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