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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In regard to the search for 15 Heywood Street in 1924, it helps to remember the
following when looking for such a street in Manchester, England, or any street for
that matter:

1. By aware of the historical setting you are researching and how that might
impact what you are looking for. In regard to Manchester, it survived the Blitz
(German bombing attacks) in WWII and many changes took place because of this.

2. Buildings and streets were destroyed and streets were renamed. In fact, whole
districts were changed forever.

3. Street Names change sometimes over the years not only because of war, but
other reasons as well. Heywood Street was also known as Harpenden Street. This
many be the reason why the particular address of 15 Heywood Street could not be

4. There are City Directories for cities throughout the known world and Manchester
is no different with books ranging form 1772-1969. These can be accessed at the
Central Library: archiveslocalstudies@.... They are very helpful at
locating information and have helped me innumerable times with my research. Just
like libraries and librarians anywhere, you can count on them to provide
information >from their resources. You just have to ask.

5. There are listings or databases for streets in various places on the Internet.
I have created a database for particular major Manchester streets for certain years
that is available on the JCR-UK site on JewishGen. However, Heywood Street is only
mentioned as a cross street.

If you look at the streets, you will see that many streets had multi-use such as
factories, residences, stores, etc., and weren't merely residential streets.

In addition, you can post to the JCR-UK Digest on JewishGen and ask questions
related to your search. They have many experts who can help you.

6. When searching for an address, you can also look it up through your search
engine. It often will pop up with references to both the historical and present
address. Not all addresses can be found this way.

7. Different mapping sites such as Google can also be helpful at locating what you
are looking for.

It is important to utilize the resources of the Internet to locate what you want.

Ann Rabinowitz

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