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On Jul 20, 1:29 am, yeruche...@... (Bubby) wrote:

Does anyone have any thoughts to share on My daughter called me
yesterday thinking it was the greatest, but I wonder about privacy issues.
As far as I can tell, Geni is another kind of family social networking site, where
you are encouraged to upload information about yourself, provide pictures and to
send messages between family members.

You are correct regarding the privacy issue. Geni is currently a work-in-progress.
Apparently, the developers are encouraging the current users to provide them with
ideas and features. Privacy is not their current concern, otherwise, it would have
been provided immediately. Anyone can add/modify/delete anything on the tree that
they are associated with and there is no explicit tracking or restriction of
anyone. The only protection you have the username/password needed to log onto the

The current danger is that as the tree grows sideways, and in-laws add their
families, your information is exposed to total strangers. I would not put any
personal information on that site.

Zev Griner

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