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The name HOFER probably resulted >from the Germanic custom of adding "er"
after a town to indicate "comes from".

In this case, a Hofer came >from Hof which is located in the Frankenwald
area of Bavaria north of Bayreuth.

Hof is certainly not an area heavily populated by Jews at the present and
probably not too likely in past times either.
Morty seems to be incorrect regarding the Jewish inhabitants of Hof.
(>from the town Archive) contains pictures of the destruction of the synagogue on

But a search on Hofer generally and in German shows that the name is so
widespread that it is unlikely to derive >from a single small town in
I totally agree with Nick Landau. >from a book listing past Jewish communities in
Bavaria, Steinerne Zeugnisse Juedischen Leben in Bayern, I learn that Hof had a
Jewish community as far back as 1372, that its synagogue was last rebuilt in 1927
before the Nazis destroyed it, and that a new community established a new
synagogue in 1973.

And, yes, Hofers may be named after any number of towns that include Hof in
their name.

Michael Bernet

MODERATOR NOTE: The particular site mentioned above is in German.

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