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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Ami Elyasaf wrote: I gathered all data on Galician families: HOLLANDER, ZILBIGER &
WULKAN >from Yad-Vashem, JRI & FTJP and built them in outline descendant trees. see:

Ami then asks for suggestions on merging the various family trees on her site.

Ami makes no mention of Google [great finds on there!], the JGFF and the Galicia
SIG: and their research potential.

I hesitate to mention this yet again, but anyone researching Galician families or
families with links to Galicia must be aware that a large number of Galicians
settled and/or married and had children in Vienna. By omitting Vienna >from *any*
research [I cannot see it mentioned above], Ami may have missed vital branches of
the family tree and the key on how to merge them.

I happen to know well members of the SILBIGER tree [one member, since he was four
years old and went to playgroup with my son!] and am aware that some members of
the family lived in Vienna and likewise I know that some WULKAN are buried in
Vienna. Vienna was awash with HOLLANDER [umlaut a].

By researching the household registrations [Meldezettel], marriages as well as
birth, death and probate records of people who lived, married, had children and
died in Vienna you may well find more links to your trees. It is not
straightforward, but it can be done by hard work. I know, because although I am
not Galician, I have done this for a number of Galician families.

Please join the Austria-Czech SIG if you are researching Vienna, other Austrian
towns as well as Bohemia or Moravia [Czech Republic]. and see the IKG cemetery database: [German - European date order] [English - date order here is US

There are 11 WULKAN buried in Vienna - Ber Isak was born in the 1840s. There are 26
SILBIGER - and three, namely Adolf {probably Abraham or Aron], Samuel and Nathan
were born in the 1840s. There are too many HOLLANDER {umlaut a] to count but some
are definitely Galician as revealed by their given names. You must use umlauts to
search this cemetery database and search for graves where dates of death and burial
are not known - ie tick and keep ticked, the relevant box, at all times. All these
could provide missing links.

Please also look at
and choose BLUMENFRUCHT for WULKAN links. I have not checked out all the links but
there may be more - ie REINHOLD etc. The message archives of Jewishgen should also
be searched - I have found interesting items for WULKAN and SILBIGER on the SIG
archive lists.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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