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Ami Elyasaf

I fully agree with Celia Male, (and especially as my origins are >from Galicia and
Vienna) there is still lot to do with each one of these families.

As the Mishna in Avot tells: "Lo Alecha HaMelacha Ligmor" - leave something for
the others to do, I hope that someone >from these families will give a hand and
join this work.

Emanuel (Ami) Elyasaf - Kristianpoller

On 7/20/07, Celia Male <celiamale@...> wrote:
Ami Elyasaf wrote: I gathered all data on Galician families: HOLLANDER,
ZILBIGER & WULKAN >from Yad-Vashem, JRI & FTJP and built them in outline
descendant trees.

see: http://www.geocities DOT com/amielyasaf/galician_families/index.htm
Ami then asks for suggestions on merging the various family trees on her site.

Ami makes no mention of Google [great finds on there!], the JGFF and the
Galicia SIG: and their research potential.

I hesitate to mention this yet again, but anyone researching Galician families
or families with links to Galicia must be aware that a large number of
Galicians settled and/or married and had children in Vienna. By omitting Vienna
from *any* research [I cannot see it mentioned above], Ami may have missed
vital branches of the family tree and the key on how to merge them.
Celia Male [U.K.]

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