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My great-grandmother, Minnie FARBER MOLDAWSKY DOB 1879 in or around Zhitomir, came
to the US to join her husband (my g-gfather) Simcha (Sam) MOLDAWSKY in 1910. We
have their ship manifests, we have them on the census, we know a lot about them and
their children, Jack, May, Ethel and Barnett. Minnie died in 1944. In 1930
following Sam's death, she was living with her adult children in Brooklyn. This is
corroborated by the 1930 census. At some point between Sam's death and her own,
she married a man whose last name was FROMMER or FROMER. We have Minnie's death
certificate on which her daughter, Ethel, and son-in-law gave her husband's name as
Sam Fromer. Ethel really disliked this second husband and up to the time of her
death at 101 a few years ago refused to talk about him or give any additional
information. We have searched on-line and in the New York City archives on Chambers
St. We have been unable to find any marriage certificate or license for them under
any of the many spellings we tried for Moldawsky. We thought we had a death
certificate for Sam Frommer, wife Minnie in 1938 in the Bronx, but since there is
a Sam Frommer on the 1930 census living with his wife of 8 years, Minnie, and their
young child, so this is clearly not the Sam Fromer I am looking for. I am most
likely looking for someone who was still alive in 1944 (my mother remembers
visiting Minnie sometime between 1940 and 1944 and a man who was her husband),
although Minnie was not living with him at the time of her death, but by that time
was living with her daughter and son-in-law, Ethel and Ben NEEDLEMAN/NUDELMAN.

Any help would be appreciated. Please respond privately.

Janette Silverman
Phoenix AZ & Santa Fe, NM

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