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Joachim Mugdan

Celia Male wrote:
I have now located two Konigshof in Bohemia - one in the Berauner
Kreis - ... and the other in the Koniggratzer Kreis ...
It is likely that at least one of the KONIGSHOFER families came >from Konigshofen
(now merged with Lauda), 30 km SW of Wurzburg. When family names are derived >from
place names in -en, the -en is often dropped, cf. Kissingen -> KISSINGER (not
Kissingener). Until the early 20th century, Konigshofen had a small Jewish
community with a synagogue. I know a Mr. Konighofer who grew up in Wurzburg,
emigrated to Denmark and now lives in Switzerland. Please contact me privately if
you are interested in getting in touch with him.
Joachim Mugdan <>
Basel, Switzerland

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