Re: Forms of the Name Jacob #germany


I have documented a Jacques, father of a Jewish family in
Austria-Hungary in the early 1800s, who had a grandson Jacques named
after him. My given name James and Jacques both derive >from the Old
Testament Jacob. Of course, it may just be this name was adopted during
the forced Germanization of given names in the late 18th century and not
from his Hebrew name, but I suspect it was adopted >from Jacob/Yakov.
James Castellan, Rose Valley, PA

"Renate Rosenau"<> wrote:
Eva asked also: Could Kiebe, Kove and Kieve also be used for the
name Jacob? for transcriptions of the name of my ancestor from
the Rheinpfalz (living around 1800).
Living in Rheinhessen, the neighbourhood of the Rheinpfalz,
in the Alzey Memor book I found for Jacob /Jakob either "Jockel"
(seldom) or "Koppel" (more often), but never Kiebe, Kove or Kieve.

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