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Ury Link

Dear Genners,
Mr Siegel suggested that the name Adel get out >from the name Adel or Udel
the daughter of the Baa'l Shem Tov. On 16 Juli 1999 I send a letter to the
JewishGen with the same topic.This id a copy >from the JewisGen Archiv:

Of course I am agree with Mr. Goldman that you read in the Tora the word
ESHDAT as ESH -DAT. And I am also know what is the explanation of Rashi and
the Ramban of the meaning of the word ESHDAT.But what I want to said and
perhaps Mr Goldman don't understand me, that the names Udel,Hodel or Adel
are early names before the birth of the daughter of the Baal Shem Tov. I
don't want to go in discussion about the fact that the Chasidim give to the
name Udel (or Hodel) the abbreviation ESH-DAT-LAMO. It have nothing to do
with tradition , and I have a lot of respect to the tradition. Again the
name Adel (Udel,Hodel etc..) on himself is a very old German name .
We know also that the names Adel and Edel are basic German names and from
this name we find a lot of names that used also by the Jewish .In my first
letter about the name Udel I wrote that I have 3 explanation to the name
Udel and the first explanation was that it is a old German name get out from
I wrote:
It come out >from the German name Edel and it mean Noble, or precious stones,
metal. And >from this name Edel we get the name Udel and Ydel.
Mr Alexander Beider in his book "Jewish Surnames in Prague" write in the
chapter about Surnames derived >from Feminine given names on page 26 : Eidel
(in the year 1626 ) metronymic forms :( Eidels,Edelis, Edlis, Edels )"
Noble" in Yiddish.
And this date was before the birth of the daughter of the Baal Shem Tov. My
conclusion is again The abbreviation to the name Adel is given after she was
a well-known righteous women. I have nothing against this story and I find
it a nice part of the Jewish folklore as a lot of many Jewish abbreviation.
And as we know Udel (or Hodel) was a Noble woman.
Best regards

Ury Link

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