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Cheryl Tallan wrote (below) that she was looking for "Roumaniva" near

My grandfather also always said he was >from "Slutsk", near Minsk. Later, >from
records and other family stories, I learned he was also >from "Romanova or Romanovo"
which later was renamed "Lenino". Cheryl, I would love to share information with
you as I understand this was a very small town.

There are some posts and even a Romanovo link on JewishGen that has an interview
with my grandfather's brother, Aaron about Romanovo. http://www.shtetlinks. (notice the link
wraps around to a 2nd line) And there are pictures too. This site was originally
posted by Sherry Warman. You will find it at this site:

My grandfather belonged to the Slutzer Branch 500 of the Workmen's Circle and had
a 50th anniversary journal which I copied and posted on the website also with a
list of names >from the membership. This can be found at:

Gloria AULETTA Bailey
Researcher Number 2092

Searching OSHER, OSHEROWITZ, GINSBERG/GINSBURG in Romanovo and Slutsk and
SCHILDKRAUT, IN Pahost/Pagost also near Slutsk, Minsk, (now in Belarus). I
will note also that depending on the time of immigration, some may have said
they were >from "Russia" and some >from "Poland", or just Minsk.

On his WW1 Draft Registration Card my father-in-law, Max TALLAN
TELUSHKIN) wrote under the heading "Where were you born", Sultz, Minsk,
Russia. We
know >from other information that he was >from Slutsk which is now in
Belarus. On his
WWII Draft Registration Card under the heading, "Place of Birth" he wrote,
Roumaniva, Russia. I can't find a Roumaniva near Slutsk through Shtetl
Google, MapQuest. Can anyone tell me where it is and what are the

Cheryl Tallan
MODERATOR NOTE: The Tinyurl link to the Aaron Osherowitz interview is

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