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Cheryl Tallan

A few weeks ago there was a short discussion about Jewish migration. Parts of the
Lapides family in south-western Poland moved three times between 1800 and 1900. The
family was in Dzialoszyn aroung 1800; the founder of the family, Lapides
MAJOROWICZ, died in 1810 there (I found this out >from the research of Alex KORN).
Alex Korn's part of the family stayed in Dzialoszyn but my great grandfather,
Izrael LAPIDES, married a girl >from Klobutsk (Perla AJZNER) and settled in
Klobutsk. My grandfather, Pinchus Sholem Lapides, and his family was living in
Czestochowa by 1898, although part of the family stayed in Klobutsk until WWII.
Perla Ajzner's family came >from Truskolasy to Krzepice to Klobutsk. Many of the
families in this family tree moved several times in the one
hundred and fifty years between 1800 and 1939.

Cheryl Tallan

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