Re: Given Name Jacques (derived from Jacob) and Key Austro-Hungarian Dates for Jewish Integration Including Germanization of Jewish Surnames and Given Names for Slovakian Jews #germany

Roger Lustig

The only place I know of in Bavaria where Napoleon had any influence
over the choice of given names was the Rhine Palatinate, which was west
of the Rhine. (He annexed everything west of the river.) And you're
absolutely right about Jeanette and Babette and Louise and so on being
fashionable. They remained so for the entire century, too--also in parts
where Napoleon never had anything to say about names or civil law in

Of course, Jews were much more flexible about girls' names. Many
Jeanettes before Jean became more than a rarity; Stephanie before
Stefan; etc. In general, Jewish boys with obvious saints' names
were rare until much later. Best,

"Roger Lustig (GerSIG)" <>

Christine Crawford Oppenheimer wrote:

Keep in mind also that borders in Europe were flexible. For example,
at least part of Bavaria was under control of the French around the
time that your Jacques was born. My husband's great-great-grandmother
born in 1819 in Fuerth was Jeanette Loewenstein, and two of her
daughters, Babette and Marie Anna, also had French names. French names
may also have been fashionable in areas where the French weren't in

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