Vienna birth record: Mathilde LOWE #austria-czech

David & Diana Laufer <dlaufer@...>

In the View Mate file 6432, whose URL is given below is part of the birth record
of my grandmother Mathilde LO(umlaut)WE
I would be grateful for advice on the occupation of her father Robert.
Also, I would appreciate it if anyone can decipher her Hebrew name

In accordance with JewishGen's stated policy please reply to me directly,
unless you consider general comments to the SIG are appropriate.

Best regards

Sydney NSW Australia

BRAUN - Vienna and Prostejov (Prossnitz)
LO(umlaut)WE Vienna and Gliwice (Gleiwitz, Prussia)
HASSAN - Vienna and Bucharest/Istanbul
ESKENASIE (various spellings) - Vienna and Bucharest/Istanbul
WANTOCH - Vienna and Prague
LAUFER - Vienna, Senica(Szenitz) Slovakia, and Opatow Poland

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