Help Transcribing & Translating Small Snip of Wilhelm Mayer's 1850 k. k. Marine Fitness Report #austria-czech


I seek help with the transcription/translation of a small part of an
1850 Austrian Navy document.

With Traude Triebel's kind help, I obtained Wilhelm Mayer's k. k. Marine
1850 and 1851 annual fitness reports. I have transcribed and translated
all but one small part (underlined in red on the image posted at the URL
below) involving the warship Vulcan that he served on in 1850. I think
this small bit is the name or type of war vessel the Vulcan was (like a
larger ship as opposed to the small corvette Leipzig he first served on):

Here's what I have so far:

Hat Campagnen und andere Seereisengemacht
[Campaigns and other voyages made]

Vom 6 Juli 1850 bis 2ten Septbr 1850 auf der Corv[ette] Leipzig

Vom 3 Septbr 1850 bis 5te October auf dem Kriegs ?? Vulcan, nie geschifft

[From6 July 1850 to 2nd September 1850 on the Corv[vette] Leipzig
from 3 September 1850 to 5th October on the war ?? Vulcan, never (left

Thanks for any helpful contributions to transcribing/translating this
old script.


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