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Dear Ms Bozkurt,

I think that the exploration of families related by marriage is very much a
matter of personal choice. I personally have found it rewarding for various
reasons. Here are a few examples:
I am the great-great-grandson of a Jewish man transported as a convict to
Western Australia in 1851. He and his wife who joined him a year later produced
six sons and three daughters, all of whom were Jewish but none of whom found a
Jewish spouse, because of course in Western Australia in the 1850s, there were
none to be found. There was not even a mohel to be found for the six sons. And
yet when I trace the family trees many of the offspring of their nine children
married Jews in the next generation when presumably Jewish spouses were more

A second reason to trace families related by marriage is to note how the same
occupation occurs yet again and again as you go up that particular family tree.
A third reason to trace families related by marriage is to find that often
groups of families tend to intermarry: in my case the JACOBS, ROTH and LIPSON
families intermarry again and again. Presumably one contributory factor to this
is then the relatives all gather for the wedding the single ones or their
parents find other members of the family for a shidduch.

Genealogically yours,
David M. Jacobs
Vancouver, Canada
looking for GOLDMAN in Zychlin, Poland and Hull, England; GOSTYNSKI in Kolo,
Poland and Sheffield, England; ISRAEL in 1830s and 1840s London and Australia;
JACOBS in Sheffield, England and Australia; JESSEL of England; ROTH of England.

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