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The Library and Archives Canada has announced on its website that they are
reducing their hours of operation effective September 1, 2007.

The new hours of operation are listed on the their website:

According to Gordon Watts, (Canadian genealogist, columnist and active in
preserving access to the Canadian census) in his report
the registration desk and reference rooms are each reduced >from 42.5 hours,
to 30 hours. Manned hours for consultation rooms is reduced >from 105 hours
to 54.5 hours, and for the Canadian Genealogy Centre they are reduced
from 75 hours to 30 hours.
The reduced hours will adversely effect access for those who work during
the day as evening hours have been eliminated. Apparently there has not
been any prior opportunity for public input before the change in hours
was announced. The rationale for the change listed on the website is to
provide quality services to Canadians wherever they live, and therefore,
they are increasing the amount of services to be found on their website.
This a laudable goal- but the reduction in hours will adversely effect
some who wish to access the actual records, or for those whose
records are not yet on the website.

For further information please check the two sites mentioned above
(Library and Archives Canada and Gordon Watts Global Genealogy).

Jan Meisels Allen
director, IAJGS and
chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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