JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Request for timeline of Polish history #general

Roger Lustig


It may be in violation of some unwritten rule to suggest the following
to someone writing >from a .edu address 8-)

have you checked out Wikipedia?

Many of the articles there are excellent, and there are good historical
maps as well.

The big changes in Polish governance (within the period you mention)
occurred between 1772 (First Partition) and 1815 (Congress of Vienna),
and between 1919 (Versailles) and 1945/7 (post-WWII redrawing of Polish
territory). is a good
place to start on the earlier part.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA

Charles Betros wrote:

I'm trying to find a timeline of Polish history - beginning in the late 18th
century and ending in the mid-20th - that gives a basic overview of the
complicated changes in Polish governance and the major events that directly
impacted Jewish communities.

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