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My newly found family members and I have pin-pointed our ancestors' shtetl as
Kraisk/Kraysk (even spelled Kriesk), Vileika, Vilna between the years 1875 - 1912.
Luckily, Efraim RUDERMAN(Abe) and Schosse Ruderman(Sophie)'s ships records idendify
Kraisk. Ester Ruderman KASDIN's town is spelled Kreisk. My grandfather Morris
Ruderman's Petition for Naturalization is misspelled Graisk. Unfortunately, I can
not find his immigration to US, which is said was 4/17/1900 on Bulgaria (or
definitely a ship that sounds like).

As for the 5th sibling, Harry Ruderman, I don't know the Yiddish name by which he
entered the country or the exact year. However, I just found a US WWII Draft
Refistration Card, 1942, which says the following:

Serial 624 Harry Ruderman,144 Blake Ave.Brooklyn, NY,Age 60
***Place of birth Krisk***

Mrs. ? Ruderman, person always at address employer: SALTZMAN
emp address: 129 or 729 Blake Ave, Brooklyn, NY

I can not match any census data with this information to determine his wife's name
and date of immigration. I certainly believe that Krisk (hopefully) is Kraisk!

Matching names to immigration is SO difficult! Harry and Morris(Moshe) are the
final 2 Ruderman family members I would like to find immigration records
for. Does anyone have suggestions?

Morris(Moshe)Ruderman's wife, Eske(e)(Sarah) Cohen and her brother, Jacob (later
called Jack)are said to have immigrated in 1898. I have tried several variants,
with no success. The first records I located are the 1910 census for Sullivan Cty,
NY, were Sarah and Morris had their 3 children, and Jacob (incorrectly labeled
nephew, was living with them. With so many Jacob Cohen variants, I am confused.
Sarah and Jacob had 2 sisters - Eleanor immigrated later, I know and I don't have
the other sister's given name. The unknown sister married a Wasserman in NYC @
1918-1920. They had 2 daughters, Blossom and Sylvia.

Again, if anyone has suggestions on finding immigrant records for Eske(Sarah)Cohen,
brother, Jacob and another sister, I would be grateful.

The Cohens may also be >from Kraisk or somewhere nearby,

Most Sincerely,

Liz Ruderman Miller
Northridge, CA

Searching for: Ruderman(Belarus or Lithuania); Cohen(Belarus or Lithuania)

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