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Bob Wascou <rwascou@...>

The first thing that you have to do is to search the JewishGen Romanian database at The database contains all of the vital
records for your family that have been transliterated and placed on line. Some
records still have to be transliterated. Copies of the vital records that are in
the Kishinev archives are also available at the Family History Library and can be
ordered for you at the nearest FHL branch in Philadelphia. The records are in
Russian and in Hebrew.

For a list of other records held by the Kishinev archives you can search Meriam
Weiner's database at

Please contact me privately for the name of a researcher in Kishinev.

Bob Wascou
Kishinev Vital Records Project Coordinator
ROM-SIG Research Coordinator

--- L A <lisala7366@...> wrote:
Is the appropriate/best way to contact Vital Records in Kishinev by mail? Does
anyone know a. what types of vital records they have there? Are there any other
data bases that i can make an inquiry?
Moderator Note: In addition to the databases mentioned above, if you have not
already done so, you might want to look at the
Romanian Special Interest Group (SIG) - while you are at the site, you might
consider subscribing to the RomSIG mailing list.

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