Re: BMD Records in Breslau [ Wroclaw ] #germany

Roger Lustig

Dear Ernie:
That's a big question! What time periods are you interested in?

There's a good deal of info about Staedtel and Namslau County for
1810-1874, all of it (that I know about) on LDS films. I've transcribed
some of it. Post-1874 records for Namslau are in the Opole archive but
not yet on line; the first 10 years of those are also filmed.

For Breslau, there's a ton of stuff. Some is on LDS films too, but many
of those are difficult to work with if not downright illegible. The
remains of the Breslau synagogue archive are on line but monstrously
difficult to use, at the Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw. Post-1874
civil vital records are spotty, i.e., many volumes are lost. The first
15 years (1874-88) are filmed; the next 20+ years are on line and much
of that has been indexed by JRI-Poland.

For references to other historical material, R. Bernhard Brilling's book
on the Jewish communities of Middle Silesia has an excellent chapter on
Staedtel and plenty on Breslau too.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

On 3/9/2015, Ernest George Durra erniedurra@... wrote:
My DURRA Family lived in Breslau [ Wroclaw ] and Staedtel [ Miejsce ].
Kindly advise the best Contacts / Archives to source BMD Records.

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