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An excellent source for information about Breslau Jewish families is
the indexed data prepared by Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
(JRI-Poland) covering births, marriages and deaths of Jewish residents
in Breslau during the period >from 1889 to 1910. The Breslau
Standesamt records (scans of the actual records) which were indexed by
JRI-Poland are now available online on the website of the Wroclaw

A portion of the indexed data is available for searching on the
JRI-Poland website ( ). The full
data set will be available online when the project is fully funded. I
would encourage all Breslau researchers to contact me to learn more
about this project.

The index created by JRI-Poland is an invaluable resource for finding
the scanned documents on the Wroclaw archive site at:
With the "Datacja" (Date Range) and "Sygnatura" (File Information)
("nr zespolu" and "nr. serii") >from the JRI-Poland index, one can
quickly find the collection of records which will include the one of

Joachim Mugdan has posted excellent instructions in the GerSIG Forum
on how to use the Wroclaw archive search engine. [Use the SIG Archives
search tool to locate these instructions. A direct link to the SIG Archives
at JewishGen is included at the end of every GerSIG list message. Moderator]

Entirely separately, there are excellent collections of Breslau Jewish
community materials in the archive of the Jewish Historical Institute
(JHI) in Warsaw and the archive of the Centrum Judaicum (CJA) in
Berlin. The JHI materials on Breslau have been scanned and put
online. The website is not too user-friendly, but it is there at:

If you have not run across them already, these catalogues are useful
places to look for archival files (in Poland and Germany) regarding
former German Jewish communities which are now in Poland (Silesia,
Posen, Pomerania, East and West Prussia) and in Germany today:

Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden in polnischen Archiven / im Auftrag
der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften herausgegeben
von Stefi Jersch-Wenzel.
Publication: München : Saur, 2003-
Format/Description: Book v. ; 25 cm.
Bd. 1. Ehemalige preussische Provinzen: Pommern, Westpreussen,
Ostpreussen, Preussen, Posen, Grenzmark Posen-Westpreussen, Süd- und
Neuostpreussen / bearbeitet von Annekathrin Genest und Susanne
Marquardt ; Redaktion: Stefan Grob und Barbara Strenge
Bd. 2. Ehemalige preussische Provinz Schlesien / bearbeitet von
Claudia Nowak und Sabine Rüdiger-Thiem ; Redaktion: Stefan Grob,
Andreas Reinke und Barbara Strenge
ISBN: 3598116497

Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden in den Archiven der neuen
Bundesländer / herausgegeben von Stefi Jersch-Wenzel und Reinhard
Publication: München ; New Providence : K. G. Saur, 1996-
Format/Description: Book v. ; 25 cm.
Contents: Bd.6.Stiftung "Neue Synagoge Berlin-Centrum Judaicum. 2 v.

The indices of these books are very good -- by surname and by place.
A good university library will likely have them. I always get them
through inter-library loan. (Selections are available on Google

"Quellen zur Geschichte der Juden in polnischen Archiven" includes the
Breslau files in the JHI in Warsaw which are now online.

For the materials at the CJA in Berlin, there is no real option but to
visit the archive or to hire a researcher to do so for you.

I would be happy to correspond with Ernie and all others about these resources.

Best regards, Stephen Falk, Point Roberts, WA, sfalkjd@...

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