INTRO - WALLACH and THEIBERGER - Austria-Hungary and Germany > Ohio #germany

Wally Wally

I'm Carol Wallach living in Boca Raton, Florida and started researching my
family background tracing my Great Grandmother's origin to Germany.

I found the following link that is my greatgrandmother on my father's
side was >from Germany, so her family must have lived there.
Her name was Adella THEIBERGER and all I know is I found her grave
in Marriata, Ohio, where she immagrated to and married my Great
Grandfather Samuel Wallach ( >from Austria/Hungry).

Adella THEIBERGER WALLACH ( 1865 - 1926 )
March 18, 1865 she was born in Germany and immigrated to the
U.S. in 1887. That's all I know >from her gravestone & obituary.
That's all I know so far.

I am interested in finding more about the past family ties to Germany
and where in Germany that they originated from.

That's why I have joined up to be a part of my Jewish background and
European origin and find out more.

thank you and looking forward to discovering more, I don't know German
nor can I translate it but online sources are available to do that easily
if I need to.

Thank you again, I have no previous experience in researching I just search
the internet and try to find as much information as possible and have just
started doing my own research. No one in my family had any previous knowledge
of this link til now.

Carol Wallach, Boca Raton, Florida cw.wally@...

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