Announcing STAMMBAUM issue #26 #austria-czech

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STAMMBAUM Issue #26, Winter 2005, is now available. The journal contains the
following rich set of articles spanning 50 pages:

The Racist Obsession of the National Socialists and its Impact on German-Jewish
Genealogical Research
Part II: Institutionalizing Nazi Genealogical Research in Support of a Racist
Program, The Reichsippenamt;
Part III: Impact of the Reichsippenamt's Operation on Present German-Jewish
Genealogical Research by Ernest KALLMANN.

The Wimpfheimer Family >from Ichenhausen, Bavaria by Adam YAMEY.

The History of by Daniel E. LOEB.

The 300th Anniversary of the Death of Samuel Oppenheimer by Peter STEIN,
translation by George ARNSTEIN.

Making Connections: A German-Jewish Village in America (How genealogical documents
in 19th century America and Germany reveal an extended family in small-town
America.) by Emily C. ROSE.

Reconnecting Jewish Roots: The Search for my German-Jewish Helft Family
by Rebecca RECTOR.

Articles of Value for Genealogical Research in the Altpreussische
Geschlechterkunde, with Emphasis on Names, Part II by Edward R. BRANDT.

Topics and Events by George ARNSTEIN.

Book Reviews by Eugen CASPARY, Werner L. FRANK, Claus W. HIRSCH and Peter LANDE.

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