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In reply to Judith Wegner re: Alan Jailler's surname.

Were there Jewish jails in the 19th and 20th century European shtetlach?

Indeed there were Jewish jails and guards in the shtetl. The Yiskor book for the
Ukrainian-Polish border town Dubno shows the town jail. I asked my father in law,
who was born and raised there, which miscreants were incarcerated. He said that
the town drunk and a couple prostitutes were often put there, and a thief, >from
time to time.

This town was populated before WWII with many Jews. Over the centuries, the
Jewish population varied, but it was never less than half Jewish.

I do not know when circumstances would allow the court and justice system to be
'internal' to the Jewish part of town, and when matters were conducted by a civil

It is only our naivete that allows us to think that every Jew was law abiding. Or
that all government officials were non-Jews.

Shirley Ginzburg

Seeking GENIRBARG >from Dubno, Rovno; BOKSER and SHLYUGER >from
Shepetovka, Zaslav area; SHLAGER/SHLUGER >from Boston area.

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