question about long ago ancestor in Markt Berolzheim #germany

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Hi Friends,
The farthest back ancestor on my maternal HERZ side we know on our
family tree (literally a tree drawn by my grandfather, Max LEVI whose
mother was Mathilde HERZ) was Joseph ben Benjamin. We don't know
anything about Joseph. That side of my family is >from Markt Berolzheim
as far back as we can go.

I received a judenmatrikel paper which indicates a Joseph HERZ, born in
1777 was a drawing teaching in Fuerth.

All the other people on the judenmatrikel paper were living in Markt
Berolzheim only this Joseph HERZ lived in Fuerth.

For those who are experts on German-Jewish history, is it possible that
my great-great-great-great grandfather, Joseph ben Benjamin was also
known as Joseph HERZ during his lifetime? (The other people my
grandfather wrote on the tree are written with last names ). Would it be
possible that a Jewish person that long ago who was born in Markt
Berolzheim would move to Fuerth to teach drawing? Was that an acceptable
trade/career for a Jewish person- both allowed and acceptable by the
Jewish community?

This Joseph HERZ on the paper, may not even be a relative of mine.

Our family tree does list two sons of Joseph ben Benjamin -
interestingly with two different last names. One has the name Emanuel
HERZ and the other Abraham AUERNHEIMER. On the Judenmatrikel paper I
just received >from a church in Markt Berolzheim one is listed as Emanuel
Joseph HERZ and the other Abraham Joseph AUERNHEIMER. But they are not
listed with Joseph Herz's protection number. Thanks so much.

Best wishes, Lin Herz Palm Bay, Florida

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