JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Need Explanation of 1910 Census Info About Parents Married Yet Living Apart #general

Milton Goldsamt

Can someone unravel this situation that my cousin has in her family?

She wrote me recently that "the census of 1910 has my grandmother
living with her parents with her maiden name used along with the name
of her parents and sister. That same census lists my grandfather
living with his mother, sister and assorted in-laws." However, my
cousin's grandparents were married in 1905 and had a child in 1906,
but are not listed as living together.

Did this happen sometimes at that time period: a married couple
living apart, where each was living with their parents?

Please respond directly to @MiltG with any insights
you can provide, and I'll pass them onto my cousin. Thanks very much.

Milton Goldsamt
Silver Spring

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