JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: The origin of the BOGORAD name and a potential crack in a brick wall #general

Sarah L Meyer

Dear Genners,
I too looked up the name in Beider's book and noted that he had a parenthetical
remark after Rabbi Dowid and that was Rabinovich,306. Also all that information was
under the name BAGARD, which is the root name. BOGORAD was one of the versions of
the name. However if that were all that I had to contribute, I would be responding
I need your advice as I think that this question may be the first crack in one
of my brick walls. I had learned my great grandmother Fayge's maiden name only a
few years ago >from a marriage application in New York City of my grandmother's half
brother Sam DAVIS in 1912 (at age 30). He and my grandmother shared a mother but
had different fathers as my grandmother was the daughter of a marriage of a widow
and widower (both with children). He had written down the name BIRGARDOVSKY, which
does not show up anywhere in Beider's book. However when I looked up BOGORAD
(which somehow reminded me of my great grandmother), I found just under BOGORAD the
name BOGORADOVSKIJ (Velizh and Vitebsk or Akkerman if spelled with an O instead of
the A), which only differs by one "r" (and some vowels). Furthermore, my sister
had told me that my grandmother told my mother that she (grandma) had "Yichus",
which this name implies.
This morning I checked JGFF for the name BOGORADOVSKIJ and no one is listed
with it. When I checked for BOGORAD there is even a researcher with this name >from
Odessa, which is where I had suspected that my great grandmother had lived before
she married my great grandfather. One reason that I thought that she might have
come >from Odessa is that is where Sam said he was born (in 1882). After my great
grandparents married, they lived in Kolonie L'vovo in Kherson, Guberniya. What do
you think? Is this a reasonable hypothesis for my great grandmother's family name?
And if it is, where should I start looking? Again all I have for Fayge's first
husband's surname is that it may be some thing like MAGRUTSKY. (His first name was
Ze'ev Wolf). Might this be why the family chose DAVIS as a surname when they

Sarah L. M. Christiansen, Georgetown TX USA
GELBFISZ (all Poland), EDELBERG (Kolonie L'vovo, Kherson and Courland),
of Settlement (Kherson, Guberniya).

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