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Alexander Sharon

Anita Arkin wrote

My husbands' ancestors. marriage document is listed in the PSA. I do not
want to pay the 60 odd dollars for the record so I am enlisting opinions.

There are no parents' names in the appropriate columns. The bride is listed
as Frejda-Minia Jankel Mordchelewna. Her surname is WAJNTRUB. I am assuming
that "Jankel" and "Mordchelewna" are the first names of her father, Yankel
and her mother Mordchelewna. I am also assuming that her mothers name simply
means "daughter of Mordechai".

FYI her grand daughter says that her name was Minna Weintraub and his was
Eliezer. Any ideas?
Bride had double name: Frejda-Minia, and her father also had double name:
Jankel-Mordekhai, hence the double name + double named patronymic.
Frejda Minia mother's name is not shown in this combination.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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