Re: Seek information on Gluck Knitting Mills and Reliance Knitting Factory in New York in 1940's #germany

Suzy Boehm <suzybct@...>

Hi Judy,
It is a small world. My Grandfather ran Gluck Knitting Mills until after
WWII when he got back his glove factory in Austria. Then my father, who
worked for him and married the bosses daughter, took over the factory
and renamed it Reliance. My Mother is still alive and well at 94 and may
remember your mother in law. What was her name?
I remember visiting the glove factory as a child and yes, there were
many refugees working there as both my Grandfather who came >from Austria
and my Father who came >from Germany were refugees themselves.

Best regards, Suzy Abeles Boehm,

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