Search for MAYER graves in NY #germany

Daniela Tobias <daniela.tobias@...>

We are searching for the graves of Sophia and Moses MAYER. They fled from
Muellenbach, Kaisersesch, Cochem-Zell to New York in May 1940.

They lived with their daughter Erna LEINHOS in the Bronx. Moses MAYER died
there on August 24, 1943 (adress: 922 Simpson street).

Sophia MAYER, nee TOBIAS died in Brookhaven, Suffolk County, in December
1962. Erna COSTAS was the only heiress. We have that information >from a
compensation file.

We don't know what happened to the other daughters Frieda and Selma MAYER,
who came to NY in 1929 and 1937.

Erna COSTAS died in Mc Lean, Fairfax, Virginia, on March 22, 2000. She
probably had no children and we don't know anything about her husband.

We'd appreciate very much if anybody of Bronx or Suffolk County could
watch out for Moses and Sophia's graves or provide any information about
the family.

Daniela Tobias, Solingen, Germany, post@...

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